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January 2002

Happy New Year to everyone from Cubic

The Christmas Holiday period and New Year is always a busy time for everyone, but especially so for the Cubic crew. We're spread far and wide trying to fit in family holidays with filming projects, and sometimes it's difficult to know which is the hardest work.

New Zealand has been fortunate to get enough rain during these summer months to keep everything beautifully green and fresh. Australia is very brown and hot, but has its own stark beauty. One lucky Cubic Co-ordinator (and letユs be honest, it's me) will be spending much of January researching film projects in the South Pacific Islands.

Auckland, the "City of Sails", is gearing up for The Americaユs Cup challenge races and in January the city also hosts the Anniversary Day yachting regatta, the largest gathering of sail boats in the world. The country is presently mourning the death of one of our greatest sailors, Sir Peter Blake, who was instrumental in securing the Americaユs Cup for New Zealand and latterly had devoted his energies to environmental conservation causes.

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