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Need million tons of Clearasil

From the town of Itoigawa in Niigata, Japan through Taiwan, the Philippines, right down to New Zealand, there is a fault line called the Pan Pacific fault line.

Yes, New Zealand is part of this. We have active volcanic mountains and islands particularly in the North Island.

White Island, puffing puffing everyday Looks a lot like Mt Fuji but this is Mt Taranaki

If you are on a fault line the chances of an earthquake are much higher. In 1931 there was a big earthquake which destroyed the entire town of Napier.

Aftermath of 1931 Napier earthquake Shot taken after a cup of coffee in Napier May 2003

And, I predict that one will be coming to Auckland any day now, GURANTEED!

There are over 50 volcanic cone sites in Auckland and we all live on them. Volcanic sites are places where people build houses, playgrounds and other things on and are usually not considered dangerous as most of them are dormant.

You can count the volcanic mounds, one, two, three, .....

This is the symbol of Auckland, Rangitoto Island, which came out of the sea bed due to violent volcanic activity approximately 800 years ago. See the distance from the island to the foreground of housing! Imagine what would happen if the island went off. Today the island offers one of the best one day picnic trips to the top of Rangitoto. The view from the top is breathtaking and is considered the best one in the city.

If you can see this island from your lounge, your house must be 20% more in market value

The University of Auckland's geothermal specialists guarantee that there is no immediate danger to the Aucklanders of a big earthquake. But I think it will come one day.
Look at these photos of houses on volcanic hills, some houses have a volcanic hill in their backyard !

Housing on the hills Hey I have a volcanic mountain in my garden

One advantage of volcanic mountains is the recreational area they supply. Archery near a cone, playground built on a cone, jogging, picnicking, dog walking, playing with kids, all sorts of activities are possible with cones.

Weekly archery practice Playground by a cone

When things get worse, we may all have to move out. What if we covered all the volcanoes in Auckland with Clearasil to get the メpusモ out from the ground before pressure mounts? Not a bad idea.

Typical autumn color in May

Autumn is already passing and winter is coming soon, contact us for any production with snow, plan now.


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