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2004 - A Very Happy New Year!

Summertime in the Southern hemisphere is beautiful and New Zealand receives the world first a breathtaking daily sunrise due to the position of the sun. In winter, Tonga seems to take this honour but this New Year it is our time.

In some of the previous "What's New", we mentioned the bubble economy in New Zealand, well at leat now it is still going. People of New Zealand do not save any money but keep spending. Last month, we recorded the largest amount of spending on shopping ever. This means, Kiwi have not much worrying about their future so they do not save money but to spend. It sounds OK and we sincerely hope this attitude is correct (in a way).


We are now well into "the best season of the year" which will continue until about April. During this season there will be lots of playing, relaxing, having fun with friends and of course dining and drinking. Kiwis do not accept overtime, they work hard during the working hours but not overtime. They have an orderly every day life style and that's called "quality of life" Isn't it.



People of CUBIC will continue to update "What's New" in as very frank way as possible. So please keep visiting our site. Any comments or production inquiries are always welcome at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz


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