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You are riding on it, you are reading it, and you are eating it!

Whether you are American, German or a New Zealander, we all have to work to gain income as a country. If you buy more than you earn, your country becomes financially "red". So, we Kiwis work hard, making commodities for export. There are many products; and there are many countries we trade with. As you can guess, Australia is where we export goods the most, then America, 3rd Japan, 4th England, 5th China, Korea, German, Taiwan, and so on.

cargos waiting to be exported at Auckland containers from all over the world

One of the export products that are not well known but is actually quite important to our country is Aluminum and their ingots. An aluminum smelter uses so much electricity that the country's smelter factory was chosen to be at the bottom of the South island. Fiordland receives an annual rainfall of more than 8000mm (that's 8 meter deep of water) and generators along the fiord produce much cheaper electricity that can be supplied to the smelter at Bluff. These aluminum ingots are likely to be used in car parts and is probably used in the car you are driving right now.


this pile is the Australian Bauxite inside the Bluff Smelter factory


It only takes 20-30 years to mature the New Zealand Radiata Pine tree. Because of this, this tree does not suit the purpose of structural timber so are chopped up and made into chips for paper, tissues and other wood products. After aluminum, wood products are the second main export goods out of this country. The tissue you use to blow your nose with may come from New Zealand. Newspapers that you read every day may be made from NZ Radiata Pines.


7% of our land are planted with new trees ( total of 1.8 mil hectors) of which 89% are Radiata Pines


Our third export commodity is dairy products such as beef, lamb, milk, butter, cheese, powder milk, you name it! New Zealand's clean and green image is still a very effective sales copy. We have more cows and sheep than each New Zealander can hold in their average home. The juicy beef steak that you ate last night may be New Zealand beef.


30% of total world daily product trade is done by NZ. We export 14 million tons of it per anum. On the other side, we slaughter 3.5 million cows, close to 30 million sheep and 0.71 million pigs a year.


Different parts of the world have Sars, Bird Flu, Mad Cow outbreak, but we luckily don't have them here.
Why don't you come to New Zealand and have a delicious meal accompanied with some pinot noir. Please contact us at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz for filming or for dining.


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