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Slow down!

It only takes a 10-15 minute drive out of city to enjoy winding roads that are sure to bring out the Schumacher in you. Yes, New Zealand's roads will challenge your common sense not to speed.

Its so hard not to speed once you are on roads like these!

Speeding causes about 30% of all road deaths. In 1991, there were 730 deaths, in 1996 550 deaths, the year 2001 470 deaths and last year 400 deaths. Although these statistics suggest that the road toll is decreasing this may not be the case this year. Our government's target road toll by the year 2010 is 300. They try every way to reduce it for example by installing more speed cameras and making this publicly aware. However, last year they photographed more than 460,000 speedsters. And at this rate we are heading back to the road toll being 460.


100km/h is fast enough to go A to B


Looking at the statistics, we, New Zealanders come second after France in the car accident ratio in every 10,000 cars. (NZ every 2.3 cars/10,000 cars). More frighteningly, NZ comes third on road death numbers per 100,000 after America and France (America 15.7 deaths, France 14.4 deaths, NZ same at 14.4 deaths/100,000). If every driver puts their foot on the "brake pedal" of their thought to speed these statistics would not be so high. Self-control is the key to not speeding.


Typical road side camera set up When you get photo from Police, well you done it


The only place you can freely speed is on the circuit. You can charter a circuit for a day for NZ$2500 and share with your mates, it is the best way to learn how you react on speeding, how your car behaves and you will learn how meaningless it is to speed on public roads.


Its your circuit so no congestion You can learn a lot in a day


Well, if you would like to join us on circuit day, please contact locations@cubicfilm.co.nz


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