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Religion? Don't have time for it
Is there a God out there?

As human beings, it is natural for us to ask questions such as: who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Why is there so much hate and war in the world? Why do millions of children starve to death? And most turn to a religion for some of these answers.

today's Cathedral Church in Christchurch typical scene of service

A recent survey conducted by The New Zealand Herald shows a snapshot of the current state of religion in New Zealand. It showed a definite downward shift in numbers attending religious worship services (e.g. church, temple, mosque) due to people's lives becoming busier and more diverse beliefs.

Look at the chart, we Kiwis do believe in something but most avoid church.


Do you believe in God? Yes   67.7%
No  25.6%
Undecided  6.7%
How often do you pray? Never  32.5%
Often  26.9%
Occasionally 24.9%
Others 15.7%
Do you believe in an afterlife? Yes   61.9%
No 30.9%
Undecided 7.2%
How often do you attend service? Never  40.7%
Occasionally 29.2%
Often  20.1%
Others 10.0%

Looking at different ethnicities, Asians have a stronger belief in God than European and Maori/Pacific people with 84.9%. Second is Maori/Pacific Islanders with 76.4% and Europeans 64.6%.

Hindu Temple in an Auckland suburb

Generally though, belief in God has not changed but the different religions in New Zealand are becoming more varied. This could be partly due to the dramatic increase of immigrants from Asia bringing in their own beliefs to the country.

This is the current ranking of religions below:

  1. Christian - Anglican
  2. Christian - Catholic
  3. Christian - Presbyterian
  4. Buddhism
  5. Hindu
  6. Islam/Moslem
  7. Judaism
  8. Others
The largest Buddhism Temple in NZ under construction

Noticeably, those immigrants from Asia with reasonable assets that have settled in NZ donate their fortune to religious cause such as this Temple above.
places such as this definitely stand out from suburbia

There are still more Churches in New Zealand than other religious places of worship but while they are not gaining popularity the other religions are. There are many churches in New Zealand with a lot of history and stories attached to them such as the places below.
Little stone church by the lake in south island a traditional early style church


A little white church sitting on top of a green hill? If that is what you want to film, please contact us at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz

NB// This "What's New" was drafted a week ago, before the Pope's death. Cubic offers its deepest condolences and commiserations to the Holy See and the world's Catholic community on the passing of Pope John Paul II.

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