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How to make a beach

There are unlimited locations of beautiful coastlines along the North and South Islands, but there are very few beaches to enjoy in big city of Auckland. All of these beaches are only a few hundred meters long up to a kilometre long. They are very cosy beaches but you cannot call them vacation spots. They are mostly used just by the local people taking a stroll or walking their dog.

Erosion of sand is a very serious problem due to high and low tides up to 3 meters, and locals are crying out for repair of their beaches. To them this is very serious because it affects their daily stroll course and the view from their house.

machine which sucks sand from the bottom of the sea 

To repair a beach, you must fill it with sand from elsewhere. The process will come with a high cost and will take time, but more important is the agreement of the people whose beach is being robbed of sand. In Auckland, Kohimarama Beach was repaired by the Auckland Regional Council after being pressured by the people who frequently use this beach as their own. The cost for this comes from our local government property rates.


dredging 3 kilometres out to sea famous Pakiri Beach, summer spot

New sand comes from Pakiri Beach, an hour drive north from Auckland. This beach is one of the hot summer spots for Aucklanders and dredging is only allowed from the bottom of the sea 3 kilometres into the ocean, away from any sunbathing people. In total 50,000 cubic meters of sand had been shifted to Kohimarama Beach.

lone walker on a sunny afternoon 2pm another lone walker at 2:10pm

After all the trouble, a new beach is born. At least 15 meters wide at high tide and 800 meters long just perfect for locals to stroll.

Waikiki beach look a like famous Pink House on the corner apartments look trendy enough

Expensive apartments and houses are on the market with "a stone throw away from beach" or "amazing sea view from your lounge" signs. If you do not live around beaches that have been repaired, what a waste of our taxes. As revenge we must use these beaches as often as possible in the next summer! Right now we are in the middle of winter!

you could have this beach for your self


There are naturally beautiful beaches in NZ, and if you would like to relax (or to shoot!), please contact us at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz

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