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Leaky homes

A dramatic increase in population of Auckland means an increase in housing numbers. Constructions have been steadily increasing since 1990s and have heated up dramatically at the turn of 2000. As in any other country, there are many regulations and by-laws for constructing houses. City building inspectors often visit the site to see any discrepancies between the house and drawings. They have the power to stop builders working on site, demand the changes, and not issue the completion notice if you ignore all this. Without this completion certificate, you cannot sell or buy the house.

Apartments are popping up Roof after roof at new subdivision Was once farmland

Since the year 2000, we saw news titles of "Leaky home" " Rotting house" "Dumped house" etc. They were all talking about the increasing problem of water leakage around the house, not from the roof but from exterior walls, verandas and window surroundings. Technological advances in building materials and altered building process, were some of the reasons given.


Typical veranda rot Water soaked 4 X 2 pillar Rotting inside of the wall

House owners are taking city council, building material manufacturers, building inspectors, builders to the court for damages compensation. According to university studies, average repair cost is estimated around 30 to 35 thousand dollars. Well that's more than the average annual income here.
Because of the pressure from the public, the government established the "Weather Tightness Homes Resolution Services Act 2002" on November 2002. Immediately after that, they received average 100 claims per month. However only around 12 claims were resolved. They have a mere 53 Million dollars to spend until 2008 which is too small against the estimated total repair cost of 5 Billion dollars towards approximately 40,000 homes around the country.

Some owners started their own repair work without the results of the outcome from the court

Without the repair, you cannot sell or live in it. The owners are faced with the cost of repair work, court fee, mortgage and increase in house insurance premium and further more they are faced with health risk, longevity of the house, and restless nights. Some may face personal bankrupsy because he cannot sell his house, has no money to repair and mortgage starts creeping in. Some are just "touch-up and sell" houses but this only passes the problem on to the new owner. Well we all know something has to be done very very quickly before the Labour and National parties make this unfortunate shambles into a political battlefield. That would be an even worse scenario.


Well, we have a lot of rain in the winter season, which make grass so green and beautiful, if you would like to see it, please contact us at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz

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