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Can't stop Smokin

As well as our beautiful countryside, we are lucky to have cleaner air in New Zealand than most other countries. However, with large cities like Auckland there is a curtain of smog, pollution. Yes, it is a bad look, particularly in winter, when the smog worsens by domestic fires in fireplaces.
Aucklanders thought they were lucky to have clean air. But not now.
We have "standard-everyday-traffic-jams". Currently, there seems to be no action to ease this congestion. Although, our government and city council "plan".

When wind stops, white or brown haze start to cover the motorway

Luckily, there aren't any industrial plants or factories in Auckland. Therefore, exhaust fumes are the main cause of smog.

Sulphur free diesel must come soon

Those vehicles account for 94% of the nitrogen oxide in our air, 78% of the carbon monoxide and 45% of the carbon dioxide in our air. There are simply too many cars and trucks. Having an old railway system, with trains usually with only two carriages, does not help reduce wheels on the road.
They say our air has less pollution particles per cubic meter of air than WHO recommends. Ours is 40 and recommendation is less than 50 mgram/1CuM but if you were sitting in car for hours at a time, the results would be different.
Not so popular third world public railway systems are not helping reduce the air pollution

This results in about 250 deaths annually caused by polluted air. The numbers will continue to climb because, believe it or not, there are no exhaust fume regulations in New Zealand!!
If your car is a heavy smoker, no worries, you can keep driving as long as you have a Warrant Of Fitness. Recently there is talk of restricting and slowly getting rid of smoking vehicles, only at the inspectors ‘discretion'. What if it was at night, and the inspector was heading back to base after a tired shift, it would be highly unlikely that he/she would stop a car and gaze at the exhausts, he'd be too exhausted! Mr John thinks its no good but Mr David thinks its OK! Does it work? , Well we don't know.
Remember, they all talked about this (All past mayors, the present mayor is on the left)

The enemies are cars and trucks. The average age of cars on our roads was 9.9 years in 1991, now its 11.9 years old. The average age keeps aging.
Upgrade of our public transport system, new road developments, newer cars, non-sulphur diesel, and new rules for checking exhaust fumes would make our Auckland air so much better, guaranteed.
"Free wheelie" on our friend's farm with a new clean-air 4wd

If you want to drive through New Zealand's endless beautiful countryside ( with clean air car !) or anything else, please contact us at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz

All photos by Cubic film


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