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To cut or not to cut, that is the question!

Our immigration heritage is less than 200 years old. When the first settlers arrived in NZ, native bush covered 80% of the land. The remaining 20% of the land without native bush were the high parts of the mountains where no vegetation was established.

You can enjoy our unspoiled native bush in our national parks but...

Expansion of farmland, cities and towns; dam and roads, are the main contributors of our decreased native bush percentage of 20% down from 80%. It may be too late, but our Department of Conservation is working hard to maintain, revive and expand our native bush heritage helped by severe penalties if you damage bush life.
On the other side, like the city of Auckland, people are well known to love greens (not to mention the political party called the Green Party). A nice house + garden = a must combination. Therefore we have a relatively beautiful city scene. To cut a grown tree, you must have the consent of the city council, even if the tree belongs to you and it is in your garden.

World class beauty of city suburbs where a house and a garden is a must mix.

If you have a protected tree you definitely need to apply for consent to cut, or to prune, or to remove. Applying for consent does not guarantee that you will get permission.

We suggest that once the permit is given, you go ahead to arrange a tree-felling company to cut it

If you do not get consent from the council and you cut down a tree, you will have to pay a hefty cost. For example a property developer chain-sawed the protected tree "Pohutukawa" without a permit. He was convicted and pleaded guilty.
There are by-laws, regulations and punishment but we all know that our native bush is in danger of losing continuously. If you have a tree which drops leaves in autumn, or drops sap onto your car, or shadows your house, or is creeping into your house, or is blocking your sea view, even worse you can not subdivide your section, if you cut it, then you can not get it back. We must all take care and think: "To cut or Not to cut".
Native bush covered by velvet like moss

Forest relaxation, if you like, please contact us and we will find a place for you at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz

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