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Half a century ago, most New Zealander's were enjoying a rich lifestyle. A typical house would sit on a quarter acre piece of land, with 4 or more bedrooms, painted in white, with an English villa style design. Ever since the increasing rate of population, not many are fortunate enough to have this kind of property in Auckland anymore.

Multi million dollar houses in a property bubbling market. Not for the average person.

The economy is still in good shape (many hope so!) and the population now is at 4.13 million. Remember we wrote on one of our previous what's new page that property bubble market is near its end? Well, it now seems wrong. It is hard to find a good house on the market, in a good suburban area, in Auckland, that is under a million. Houses are still increasing in value.

Built in a rush. Typical apartment blocks, which aren't the best-looking things. Too many of these now.

Sell the quarter acre land and build townhouses in the suburb. It is a different story in downtown Auckland. See an old building, knock it down and build a skinny apartment block. Since everyone seems to have done the same, we now have an oversupply in the apartment market. We have heard many stories where investors buy the apartments straight from the plans. Many of these investors did not actually stay, but instead rented out. As a result we have ended up with an oversupply, and worse is that some of these apartment rooms are incredibly tiny and poky. For most Kiwis (New Zealanders), it is hard moving into such a small room from a quarter acre property.

This is a tiny apartment of 12m2 Some examples of typical toilet and kitchen area.

The smallest apartment space in Auckland has only one room and is only 12m2. That's too small to be honest. The City council has finally started regulating the construction of these apartments, having seen enough 'shoe-box' apartments. They now have regulations for the minimum size of apartment rooms and a ban on windowless apartments.

Two stories rooms and house like rooms are now available. Trendy open styled kitchen.

That is studio style minimum 35m2,
1 bedroom apartment minimum 45m2,
2 bedroom apartment minimum 70m2,
3 bedroom apartment minimum 90m2.
Now you can stretch and even have a get-together with your friends. If you still feel claustrophobic, then take a half hour drive to see 360 degrees of wide-open green grass farmland. Aucklanders still have a choice to do that.
If you cannot purchase a house, why not buy an apartment in the bottom market. For more information contact us at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz

Just a 30-minute drive from downtown, and you will be here.

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