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"Mr Bean's Holiday" on a bean bag!

Movies are a way of escaping reality...they provide entertainment to people around the world and is a very large industry. Cinemas are the gateway to which movies are brought to the people. In New Zealand there are approximately 70 cinemas, 21 of which are found in Auckland. Many of these cinemas only play mainstream movies such as Transformers and Ocean's 13 but there are a few cinemas that only play independent movies and film festival favourites. This means that the population of Auckland has a large variety of movies that they can go to see.

Some of the local movie theatres in classic buildings but they are normally small in size

The newest cinema to have opened in Auckland is Hoyts at the recently opened Sylvia Park shopping centre. This is a very unique cinema as they give you a choice of what kind of movie theatre you would like to watch the movie. One of which is Cinemaxx - "the biggest screen in the world", it is 30.6m wide and 13m high! Imagine what kind of experience that would be compared to watching the same movie on a TV! It took 20 people to build the screen and movies can only be screened using an 8000-watt bulb powered projector. Hoyt's also has the revolutionary Half Pipe cinema which has a curved floor like a skateboard half pipe. Movie-watchers use a bean bag as a seat instead of a normal fixed seat! This one is very popular with children.

This is a beanbag. Some feel its not hygiene. Plenty of legroom not like economy class in plane

Adults however are the main customers in the luxury type movie theatres. Almost all the main cinemas have a luxury movie theatre where adults can indulge in food and alcohol while watching a movie in luxurious plush seats, many of which recline and have leg space large enough for an All Black! The tickets for these theatres are obviously a lot more expensive but it is worth it for the experience!

Some of the luxurious seating in the movie theatre, you can have your wine delivered to your seat. Hoyts La Premiere (hoyts.co.nz)

You have a choice of seeing a great movie in a comfortable seat, or visit one of the most beautiful churches and see New Zealand's southern alps. It's your choice. Please tell us which one by contacting locations@cubicfilm.co.nz

It is an amazing scene through a little window in a church

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