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More people in the blink of an eye

Just over 7 years ago we had a population of 3.6 Million, now it is 4.2 million.
Due to our government policy, our population is virtually controlled by the restrictions of regulations of immigration policy. Our government can actually choose what race group they want. For example, the immigration policy gate was wide open for mainly Chinese people to come into New Zealand around 10 years ago. In the last 5 years we see more British and South African people immigrating into New Zealand.

New Zealand Powerful Maori dance
New Zealand Beautiful Angel dance
New Zealand Beautiful Angel dance
Powerful Maori dance Famous HAKA dance Beautiful Angel dance

Percentage wise we have Maori group at 14%, South Pacific Polynesian group at 6.9%, Majority Chinese Asian group at 9.5%, European group makes up the rest.

New Zealand beautiful Kimono girls
New Zealand Audience is fairly mixed
New Zealand Simple and strong Koreans
Also beautiful Kimono girls Audience is fairly mixed Simple and strong Koreans

Many immigrants organize their own event to show their culture to their newly settled country. They organize culture rich festivals and events throughout the year for all to enjoy.
There are no racial conflicts at all, they all enjoy culture rich events. And most of those events are free of charge.

Auckland's very popular Lantern Festival
Auckland's very popular Lantern Festival
Auckland's very popular Lantern Festival
Auckland's very popular Lantern Festival shows how colourful they are in the dark

We as Aucklanders can enjoy a variety of cultures at our doorstep. Each weekend is full of surprises.
You can visit our city of Auckland's official web site to find out what's happening each week.
New Zealand Together with blue sky
New Zealand Sticks in unison - Japanese drums
New Zealand Feels so good to dance
Together with blue sky Sticks in unison - Japanese drums Feels so good to dance

Eat pizza, eat curry, eat Schusen Chinese, eat Thai, eat Japanese, eat French, eat Korean BBQ,,, oh! It's endless.
Please contact us if you want to enjoy such colourful meals in a short time at  locations@cubicfilm.co.nz

New Zealand horse race
After filling your tummy, winning a bet would make a day!
All photos by CUBIC

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