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Winding Heaven

You may have noticed those beautiful car commercials shown all over the world: A car going through a winding road with beautiful green landscapes and blue skies. Well, that is done in New Zealand.

New Zealand Fun driving
New Zealand Summer driving
New Zealand driving
Green to snow in a couple of seconds Summer driving through a glacier Smell the pines of the pine forest

Because New Zealand has an abundance of alpine mountains, dense forests, hills and snake-like rivers, there are many winding roads, with no traffic lights or buildings in sight. Although most of the state highways and rural roads are tar sealed, there are plenty of quality, winding gravel roads as well, some hosting the World Rally Championships.

New Zealand driving
New Zealand driving
New Zealand driving
Swoop down through fords Drive as you wish on private farm Going through Art Deco bridge

For normal people, every day driving is boring because the purpose is to move from A to B. With the same car, you can have an adrenalin rushing (or relaxing) driving experience if you are prepared to spend a little time out of the city and more time in the beautiful countryside.

New Zealand New Zealand fun drive
New Zealand New Zealand fun drive
New Zealand motorbiking
No speeding please!! No need to speed, just enjoy it Bike riders also enjoy driving

There is no congestion, no traffic lights, no pedestrian crossings and no objects to obstruct your view. Continuous green hills and blue sky will treat your stressed out mind. The driving is not necessary fast; just cruising along these roads will do wonders to your mind.

New Zealand New Zealand fun drive
New Zealand New Zealand fun drive
New Zealand New Zealand fun drive
No other cars on the other side You can enjoy a Sunday drive with your friends

The running cost of a car in New Zealand is very low compared to other countries. The annual registration fee is only $211.84 (US$105, Yen 12,000). If your car is under 6 years old, your warrant of fitness is required annually. If older than 6 years, you need to get a warrant of fitness every 6 months. Provided there is no concern on your car, cost of a new warrant is approximately $50 (US$30, Yen 3,000) and it takes roughly half an hour.

New Zealand WOF
New Zealand WOF
Checking under the car for any defects You can drive away after checking from here

The warrant (WOF) inspection is a safety check, and includes inspecting:

  • Tyre condition (including tread depth)
  • Brake operation
  • Structural condition. (Rust is not allowed in certain areas)
  • Lights (Are all bulbs working? Do lights comply?)
  • Glazing (Is your windscreen safe?)
  • Windscreen washers and wipers
  • Doors (Do they open and close properly/safely?)
  • Safety belts (Must not be faded or damaged; buckles must work properly)
  • Airbags (if fitted)
  • Speedometer (Must be working)
  • Steering and suspension. (Must be safe and secure)
  • Exhaust (There must be no leaks and the exhaust must not be smoky or louder than the original exhaust system)
  • Fuel system (There must be no leaks)
After your vehicle passes its warrant of fitness check, it's your responsibility to keep it in that condition.

New Zealand New Zealand fun drive
New Zealand New Zealand fun drive
New Zealand New Zealand fun drive
Still no speeding with your mates Some exotic sports cars passing Take a photo from behind safely

You could have a nice sports car in New Zealand just for weekends. We can look after it!! Or hire a car and enjoy our beautiful winding roads by contacting  locations@cubicfilm.co.nz 

New Zealand New Zealand fun drive New Zealand New Zealand fishing
After a winding road experience, why not try winding your reel to take a big snapper!!

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