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The next-door neighbour's garden looks greener than mine

Yes, we often say that and it is often correct. On a bigger scope, New Zealand's next door neighbour Australia seems to be 'greener' as well.
A survey done by former Minister's taskforce of New Zealand revealed some interesting results to explain how next-door Australia looks greater than us.
Look at the statistics below; in almost all the categories they are better than us.

AustraliaNew Zealand
Alcohol consumption(Litres/person/year) 9.0 ltr 8.9 ltr
Death from heart attack
(100,000 people/year)
111 people 127 people
House floor size (Average) 212 sqm 193 sqm
Car ownership(Per 1000 people) 619 cars 560 cars
Worked hours(Per person/year) 864 hours 887 hours
Life expectancy(Average nationwide) 81.1 old 80.2 old
Macdonald shops(Per million people) 35 shops 37 shops
Cinema theatres(Per million people) 92 screens 82 screens
Broadband subscriber(Per 100 people) 10.3 subs 8.1 subs
Cell phone/Mobile phone
(Per 1000 people)
906 phones 861 phones
Road death(Per 100,000/year) 7.8 death 10.1 death
TV set(Per 1000 people) 505 sets 477 sets
In short, Australians live longer than us, work less than us, spend more time on holiday than us, more cars and cell phones, and watch more television than us. The only bigger numbers New Zealand had were more MacDonald shops, more people been killed on road and longer working hours.

Compare Sydney's new year fireworks and our disappointed SKY Tower's new year fireworks.

New Zealand Australia New Year     New Zealand Australia New Year
1st Jan 2010 Sydney 1st Jan 2010 Auckland

Further more to this report, Australian's average household incomes now 35% more than we get in New Zealand. The next-door neighbour's garden looks a lot greener than us, it is better in every aspect. Does this mean that living in Australia is much better than here? We do not believe so. To back up this conclusion, there are two pieces of evidence. One is that Kiwis who left this country to go and live in Australia are coming back to New Zealand. Another is that Australians are immigrating to New Zealand!

Compare New Zealand - Australia Compare New Zealand - Australia
Aussies live 9 months longer than Kiwis They have 23 hours more work-free time to enjoy than us

This big income gap has not changed in the last 20 years and will not change much in the next decade. However, we have many Kiwis (New Zealanders) that love to stay here to enjoy the lifestyle in our lovely environment.

Compare New Zealand - Australia Compare New Zealand - Australia
We have more road death than Australia Both countrymen drink a lot. Watch out for alcoholics

No stress, no huge traffic jam, no sophisticated society structure, and we have a world famous " Clean and Green" environment.

Compare New Zealand - Australia Compare New Zealand - Australia
Typical New Zealand green grass culture Opera House? We prefer beautiful nature scene (yes?)

In the film industry, we may have more American movie productions and foreign film crew arriving in New Zealand than Australia. Whatever the statistics say, we are certain that New Zealand can offer amazing nature scenes enjoyed by tourists as well as film crews. In addition we have an experienced and hard working film production personnel.
If you want to see what it is all about contact locations@cubicfilm.co.nz 

Nothing beats this great scenery. Your next car commercial?
Nothing beats this great scenery. Your next car commercial?


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