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War zone at school gate

In New Zealand, most schools start at 8:15 or 8:30. Due to a lack of public school bus services, parents or guardians often take their pupils to school every day. You can imagine what happens at the school gates every morning and afternoon - CHAOS!

New Zealand housing New Zealand Motorway New Zealand School
In fill housing is one of the reasons for this problem They all head to one point at same time 20 minutes before the school finishes

Every parent wants to make sure that their child is at school when it starts, every parent wants their child to be at the gate safely, so every parent wants to park their car as close as possible to the school gate. What will happen when hundreds of parents want their car near the gate at the same time? Well it is basically impossible to cater the flood of cars at the same time. So you park in No-Stopping zones, so you double park, so you park in front of someone's drive way, so you park on the corner, so you break traffic laws.

New Zealand School Gate New Zealand School Gate New Zealand School Gate
5 minutes after school finishes Lets you know where the school kids are It was completely empty 10 minutes ago

The traffic wardens are out there to monitor and warn parents. Often they issue an offence ticket for breaking one of the laws as mentioned before. These photos were taken at a school where parents were issued offence notices. They were the third worst school where 18 tickets were issued in the first term (early February to mid April, it varies by school).

New Zealand School New Zealand School New Zealand School
They are all innocent about congestion at school gate. They just enjoy with their friends, playing and learning

The fines aren't cheap, $60 fine for parking on a broken yellow line, $60 fine for parking on a bus stop, $60 fine for double parking, $60 fine for parking on footpath, but if you are rich you can do so. The most common offences are parking on yellow lines and double paralleled parking. The parent is rushing to work and there is nowhere close to park, so they do so illegally = the result is expected.
The best idea is to take " A Walking School Bus " This is a great idea. A teacher or parent takes a group of kids from several points surrounding the school so there are more than few drop off points instead of only one at the front gate. Lets do this so both the parent and child gets a smooth commuting method. Plus, its cheaper and its exercise!

New Zealand School gate New Zealand School gate New Zealand School gate
School crossing where you must completely stop at the sign and let children cross the road safely. This is the must rule regardless.

We, film crew, do not have to go this way. We often land on top of mountains, go through bush, 4WD to vast fields, we do not have a drop off zone. The great nature is our film industry drop off zone.
If you want to be dropped off on the peak of Mt. Aorangi (Mt.Cook) by contacting locations@cubicfilm.co.nz  we will make sure there will be no rush for you.

New Zealand Stop sign
When you look up, there are always beautiful white clouds and blue sky for you


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