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Healthy or unhealthy… that is the question!

When you drive around the largest city in New Zealand - Auckland - How many takeaway bars and fast-food restaurants are there? The answer would be "thousands".
At every shopping mall and every major intersection there are signs that you would easily recognize.

New Zealand's Fast Foods New Zealand's Fast Foods New Zealand's Fast Foods
New Zealand born Burger Fuel Healthy fast food NO.1 Subway McDonald and Burger King, friend?

Our nation is dubbed as "Clean and Green" but the ever-increasing fast-food shops and number of obese people says otherwise. There must be a connection between fast-food consumption and obesity due to the food's unbalanced nutrition. We know that eating 'good' food does not mean a perfectly healthy and nutritionally balanced dish, but we often want to eat something that tastes great, regardless of nutrition.

New Zealand's Fast Foods New Zealand's Fast Foods New Zealand's Fast Foods
Nothing beats BBQ with friends! Traditional Fish & Chips still popular Buy veggies and be healthy

Enter KFC's new product - the Double Down. Nicknamed as the "bunless burger" or "gut filler", this unhealthy burger is available for only 5 weeks to promote KFC's healthy food (?). Look at it; it has two fried chicken breasts, two slices of bacon, two slices of cheese and a creamy sauce but no buns! A whopping 604 calories at a cost of NZ$7.90.

New Zealand's Fast Foods New Zealand's Fast Foods New Zealand's Fast Foods
Ever-popular Big Mac Combo Meat Pie still available nationwide Burger King's Double Whopper

Health Authorities in every country are issuing warnings about fast food's fat-laden content which may cause heart disease and obesity. Whatever they say, there are plenty of people rushing in to KFCs to buy the Double Down, fuelled by tremendous media attention.
New Zealand's Fast Foods The purpose of bringing in this "gut-filler" monster is purely for advertisement - to create more awareness of KFC. It is very successful, as they sold more than 34000 bunless chicken burgers on the first day of sale on May 10, running at more than 4 times the normal operation. Even their share price rose by 4c. Well done, but KFC is standing on the fence, one side is promoting their healthy food and the other side is selling fat-laden Double Downs.
Sale ends mid June anyway.
   This is the Gut-Filler Double Downs

Please contact us if you need to get a high calorie fat-laden burger during over worked production of TVC or documentary in New Zealand at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz 

New Zealand beautiful green grass
Green grasses get greener in winter.
Lovely to walk on or jog on soft and beautiful green grass.


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