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Were we on time?

Just finished our What's New article for June! We went to China this month, second largest economy GDP country after America. Purpose of our visit was not to explore new business opportunities but to see and take good photos of "Good Old China" and "China Today"
And we did so.
Area offers exciting business activities. There is a Shanghai's symbol Television Tower among many other skyscrapers of 50, 100 floors.

China China

Whenever and wherever you walk, you feel people's energy. The energy flows from high to low, energy flows from old to new. Energy flows from young to old. This city is turning around so actively 24/7 and that creates "energy".

China China

This young girl with modern pedicure and modern shoes was walking on the thousand-year-old path of UNESCO World Heritage Park. It was a weekday sunny afternoon; young boys find time to go for bicycling along lakefront.

China China

This is the typical view of old and new of China in satellite cities. Old shopping district where people still buy day-to-day groceries in front of brand new mirror covered tall building.
And then, suddenly you see a lady covered in "brand" clothing and bag walking through a narrow side street. What a contrast and what a photogenic scenes for our camera.

China China
Above left- young Chinese couple having lunch for RMB200 (NZ$40)
Above- Father is giving a ride to his mother and son.
Left - Group of tourists from China's country side towns normally wear red or yellow hats so they do not get lost in popular parks or they can be found easily among hundreds of people. You can see that they are relaxing peacefully and thinking of rapid modernization of China achieved by their hard work in the last 20 years.

It is also the Central Government's intention to keep China's tradition, culture and craftsmanship alive. We were greeted with very tasty Chinese wine, and visited winery to see how they are made.

China China

Thousands of clay capped pot lay quiet for 5, 10, 15 years to mature. Containers were used several times it looked rustic and artistic effect accumulated by years of usage.

China 紹興酒 - Shao Xing Jiu - It is one of many kind of wine they produce in China. They are mainly made from rice and process of fermentation take place in containers. Well, we tasted it and bought few bottles!

A photo on right is not a photo of real carp.
Can you believe that it is embroidery! Size of this art is 80cm wide and 50 cm tall done by silk thread that is thinner than human hair. According to a guide, a lady spent half a year on this work.

China Please have a look at X300 magnified carp, you maybe able to see some threads.

Some people who are able to spend money and have time off from work can really enjoy life.

China China

This is the "Red Cliff" drama theme park full of tourists when we visited. Few workers work on a small section of vast park square and we could hear they were laughing and enjoying their work.

China China

A worker was watering a manicured flower garden right by the busy congested motorway. He kept his work while we were there with no other visitors in sight.
We could not take our trigger finger away from a shutter button of our camera, what a very photogenic water town it is. Classic gondola passes under the stone bridge quietly with no sound, and it disappeared among historic village leaving a very little wave on canal. On a very same stone bridge we met an Italian photographer who was spending several months here to fulfil his desire to shoot and capture "China - Now" on his camera.

China China

You hear no Italian Canzone here but surrounded by privately owned small souvenir shops with full of colours in red, blue, yellow...
We are now back in New Zealand after taking over several thousands photos on the land of 1.4 billion people with over 4000 years of history.
So we selected two photos out of our entire photo collection of China trip.
One of 2 is the face of an angry Buddha made from clay. It is supposedly real angry face but if you look at it for several seconds, it will become a different face - you see his angry face is actually smiling.
The other photo is a grandma holding her grandson on chair. We took this shot while we were walking along narrow corridor. We like it because you can see how grandma loves her grandson by looking at her both hands firmly holding a chair for his safety. No lies there, it is pure love.
By the way, just to let you know that we have asked her permission for taking photos.

China China

Well, if you think you have done enough shooting in China and want to shoot great nature, green, and emptiness in New Zealand by contacting locations@cubicfilm.co.nz 

New Zealand Bluesky

There is airiness, there is a feeling of emptiness, there is a clearness and crispness'

All photos by Cubic


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