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Can trust them

Land of only 4.5 million people - our country New Zealand.
Our country may be called a village by population if you compare us to the world's major cities.
Our "village" people love to spend time with family in a relaxed lifestyle environment without stress. People cannot live like us in the major developed cities. We normally trust others, others normally trust you. We don't have terrorist problems, we don't have social unrest, and we normally trust each other in this multi ethnic society in harmony.
Research has been done in this peaceful society, by simply asking adults, "What is your trusted brand in New Zealand?" The question is very simple, the answer should not be influenced by economy or the price of the product. It is a simple one line question.
Well, as a result we have very interesting rankings of trusted brands in New Zealand.

First: St. John Ambulance and services
Everyone knows they run ambulance services nationwide. The reason they were voted number one place is because this organization does a lot more community work than just ambulance services. They teach first aid to any person who wish to learn it. They educate young about safety etc. They deserve it.
Reliable brands in New Zealand
Second: Dettol disinfectants
From kitchen soap to toilet cleaners, they make all sorts of disinfectant products. You have seen the little bottles of hand disinfectant gel for example. Most of their products receive great trust from housewives.
Reliable brands in New Zealand
Third: Whittaker's chocolate
We love their products. Everyone knows their Peanut Slab. They are very common and available in every shop. They also produce various chocolate products and confectionary.
Very traditional and trust in their products.
Reliable brands in New Zealand
Fourth: Wattie's foods
When you see canned vegetables on the shop shelf, they would be made by Wattie's.
They make all sorts of canned veges, frozen veges and many other vegetable products.
The fact that their products are grown in New Zealand soil adds extra trust.
Reliable brands in New Zealand
Fifth: Tip Top ice cream
It is natural to think Tip Top when talking about ice cream. As a country which manufactures dairy products, it makes sense that our ice cream is so good. They also export lots of ice cream overseas which is helping our country's foreign currency income.
Reliable brands in New Zealand

The results were mostly predictable by New Zealanders. These products are familiar to us as we have been using and eating them since a young age.
And it is natural St.John rank first, as it has served our community for such a long time.
When you visit our country, you will see those logos, and you will eat some of them as well. But you hope not to see or receive services from St. John Ambulance!
This research was also done for selected industries, selected products and selected services. Here are some of the winners by category.

Reliable brands in New Zealand Reliable brands in New Zealand Reliable brands in New Zealand
Car = Toyota Motors Banking = KiwiBank Hardware shop = Mitre 10
Reliable brands in New Zealand Reliable brands in New Zealand Reliable brands in New Zealand
Supermarket = New World PC computers = Sony Credit card = VISA Card

These are just examples and may vary hugely in other countries. In New Zealand, the results are straight and agreeable. However, some are selected because there are no other choices without judging the level of trust.
If you want to produce good and trusted TV Commercials, movies, or television programs using "trusted" products and services, contact us at locations@cubicfilm.co.nz

Trusted shore line helping grow new baby mangroves.

Trusted shore line helping grow new baby mangroves.

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